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SP Apparel and Videotron Business join forces for the Radius wristband

With the goal of helping its customers and Québec companies overcome the effects of the pandemic, Videotron mobilized its team in the spring of 2020 to initiate solutions to improve people’s health and everyday lives while contributing to rebooting the economy.

A few months later, the Radius wristband appeared as a simple, high-performance solution for maintaining social distancing between members of the same team in a friendly and transparent manner.

During the device’s production phase, Videotron wanted to partner with a local supplier that could deliver thousands of wristbands of unrivalled quality in a short amount of time. While the electronic component of the Radius wristband was developed by the Videotron team, to source the wristband, the supplier joined forces with SP Apparel this past August.

A local company present on the international market

This 110-employee company based in Granby has an international reputation for its expertise in making very high-quality sports jerseys. “Actually, the vast majority of our revenue comes from making jerseys for professional, junior, university, and countless minor-league players in North America,” explains Vincent Régis, SP Apparel’s marketing coordinator.

In addition to being a subcontractor for CCM, Bauer, Nike, and Adidas in this sector, the Granby company also supplies all of the jerseys for the men’s and women’s hockey teams at the Winter Olympics. “It’s something we’re very proud of, that a company from Québec was able to make a name for itself by providing products recognized internationally for their quality,” emphasizes Régis.

It was on the strength of this prior remarkable success that Videotron and SP Apparel were able to join forces to create the Radius wristband.

From hockey jerseys to the Radius wristband

Officially launched at the end of September, the Radius wristband was an opportunity for SP Apparel to demonstrate how quickly it could transform certain aspects of its production operations. “The pandemic was also a chance to innovate and do things differently,” explains Régis.

Régis explains that the bracelet is made from the same fabric used to create the numbers on hockey jerseys. And what about the stitching, the clasp, the Velcro? There again, the SP Apparel team ensures that all aspects of the product are of the highest quality, and that the device is both discreet and comfortable to wear. “We made and tested several prototypes to arrive at a product that is laser-cut and uses twill, a material that is strong, washable and reusable.”

By the end of August, car dealership Denis Breton Buick GMC benefited from being among the first to receive the product to test its functionality and participate in its optimization. The Radius wristband was quickly adopted by all of that company’s employees, whether in the service department or the garage. “Activating the wristbands facilitated the development and entrenchment of new work methods,” explains Marc-André Sauvageau, general manager of the Saint-Eustache dealership.

As explained in this article by the General Manager of Product and Strategy at Videotron Business, Québec organizations now have access to a practical, technological solution that respects confidentiality while ensuring a high degree of protection for the health of employees and their customers.

Within just a few scant weeks, an initial order of 20,000 wristbands has been delivered. “The team at SP Apparel is very proud to offer a high-quality, Québec-made product, better than anything that could be put together overseas,” assures Régis.

Innovation at the heart of the relaunch

He adds that for SP Apparel, having access to a local, highly qualified workforce paid their true worth to offer a product at the right price for local customers, a product made from beginning to end here in Québec, is a major source of pride. “The pandemic revealed the huge capacity on the part of many Québec companies to react and mobilize, which inspired others to persevere and demonstrate their creativity and innovative abilities. In this sense, the fact that Videotron turned to local manufacturers to deal with the pandemic is completely to their credit!” he concludes.

Régis notes that the pandemic gave the manufacturing sector a reason to revamp some of its processes, as was the case for SP Apparel and the Radius wristband, or with regard to the masks and gowns also made by the Granby company and distributed in recent months.

A great example of how unified teamwork can create big wins for Québec companies and organizations, ensuring they emerge from the pandemic even bigger and better than before.

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