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Radius wristband: a promising solution, a company agrees

Particularly at work, physical distancing can become elastic after some time. However, if everyone wants to go back to work with their colleagues, clients, and suppliers, individual and collective health and safety are as much a priority now as they were at the start of the pandemic.

In its October 30, 2020 report, the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) reported that, in this second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, a larger number of workplaces are experiencing outbreaks.

The manufacturing industry, retail, construction, transportation and storage, restaurant, and corporate services sectors are all affected. The report also mentions that, for the first time, the construction industry is one of the five sectors with the most outbreaks, and there is a significant increase in confirmed cases in the retail industry as well.

Moreover, according to this report, several outbreaks are associated with car dealerships and repair shops (mechanics and body shops), with 31 places and a total of 112 confirmed cases among workers. These outbreaks span 10 regions, with one dealership reporting as many as 17 cases.

In an effort to give their team peace of mind, Denis Breton, owner of Denis Breton Buick GMC dealership in Saint-Eustache, and Marc-André Sauvageau, general manager, have been using the Radius wristband since late August, with nothing but positive and compelling results.

“Like many other companies, we faced several challenges as a result of the coronavirus. We had a natural tendency to get close to each other when sharing documents, for instance. In this sense, the wristbands have helped create new habits at work,” says Breton.

Stopping the spread

By creating an environment where the distance required to prevent transmission is systematically respected, companies increase their chances of maintaining their commercial activities — a crucial issue during the pandemic. Moreover, the colder season and the probability of new waves are encouraging a growing number of organizations to invest in their staff’s well-being and peace of mind.

When it comes to the Saint-Eustache dealership, the general manager explains that the Radius wristband offers “additional protection, complementing several other measures, including the installation of plexiglas panels, hand-sanitizing stations, mask-wearing, and frequent hand-washing”.

Taking the wheel

Since its activation at the end of summer, Sauvageau has noted many benefits to the Radius wristband, already considered an ethical solution with regard to privacy. “First off, it gives everyone peace of mind, and it shows our desire to keep our 40 or so employees safe.”

As easy to use as any smart watch, this lightweight, rechargeable wristband can easily be attached to clothes and protective equipment. “It’s very comfortable,” says Sauvageau. “As soon as we get too close to someone, it vibrates, allowing us to step back, go around, or make sure it is safe to continue on our way. The mechanics can keep the wristband in their pocket and continue working as usual.”

A team of pros

The general manager at Denis Breton Chevrolet Buick GMC adds that his team uses the Radius wristband Pro model, which comes with access to a full management portal. This means that, in the event of a positive COVID-19 case, the company's authorized designated person could quickly check the infected person’s past interactions deemed to be at risk and take any necessary measures, all in compliance with the government’s sanitary measures and regulations.

This anonymous tracking solution makes it possible to notify any staff member that may have been exposed and remove them preventatively.

To this end, Sauvageau explains that if a case were to arise in a given department, for instance, he would be able to assess who had been in close contact with said case, without affecting other sectors. This allows other staff members who have not had any contact with those affected to continue their professional activities with peace of mind.

For a company seeking to reinforce its values, and in the case of this North Shore leadership, which has a reputation of offering a warm, courteous service, a solution like the Radius wristband can help ensure a positive work environment and have a positive impact on customers.

It’s like an insurance policy, Sauvageau explains: “Actually, it’s good if we don’t use some of the features. It just proves that we have good distancing and that our employees are healthy!”

Working at a safe distance

The Saint-Eustache dealership was one of the first companies in Québec to benefit from the launch of the Radius wristband, a solution developed and marketed by Videotron. How was the initiative received by employees? “Very well,” the general manager enthuses. “When a company implements something new, it’s normal for some people to be skeptical. In this case, however, everyone jumped on board and responded positively. The Radius wristband was seen as a safety measure right from the get-go. It was never seen as a privacy threat.”

Marc-André Sauvageau adds that curiosity quickly turned into appreciation for the user-friendliness and anonymity offered by the Radius wristband, which is now part of the team’s day-to-day. Of course, the employees at Denis Breton Chevrolet Buick GMC look forward to getting back some proximity at work, like firm handshakes with customers. “We miss it, but we have to laugh about it, to relax the atmosphere a little. Distance is key. If we respect the two metres, bingo,” he concludes.

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