4 types of mobile apps for better efficiency at work

Are you one of those people who need to maximize every minute of every day? Do you want to be more efficient at work? We’ve put together a list of the top work-related apps, broken down into four distinct categories. This list of helpful mobile apps will simplify your life and help optimize your time.
For a more organized to-do list

The management method described by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done led to the development of numerous task management apps.

- Todoist was one of the first organizational apps. It lets you make lists by projects and context, and offers a publication calendar that helps you manage your company’s social media sites. The simplified version of the app is free and the more comprehensive (Premium) version costs $38.99/year.

- Wunderlist is part of the Microsoft family. It can be synched to all your devices, so you can organize your personal and professional life quickly and easily. A free version is available, but the more comprehensive Pro version starts at $4.99/month.

For quick and efficient note-taking

It can be hard to concentrate, even during professional discussions. A good habit to adopt is to take notes, that way you can go back and read whatever details you might have forgotten.

- Dragon Anywhere lets you efficiently dictate your notes. If you’re often on the go, this is the app for you. The dictated text can be converted to a document, email, tweet, etc. The simplified version is free.

- Tape A Call lets you record a telephone conversation, that way you won’t forget a single detail when drafting your proposal. $29.95/year with unlimited data space.

For remote meetings

You just wrapped up your business meeting and won’t make it to your team meeting on time?

- COMMaffaires lets you join meetings remotely via your mobile phone by way of telephone conference, video call, presence indicator, etc. The app targets customers subscribed to Videotron Business’ Cloud Communications service and features vary according to the customer’s plan.

- Logmein is the easiest app to use and provides maximum security when connecting remotely via mobile phone or computer. Basic individual access starts at $449.99/year.

For sending certified documents

Do several members of your team work on the road or remotely? Being able to send electronically certified documents will help save you lots of time.

- Hellosign is the most comprehensive app in terms of contract drafting. You can insert your logo directly in the template and use your own homepage. The app also lets you add your signature or that of a co-signer. The app starts at $13/month.

- Workshare lets you compare e-documents, so you can make sure that no detail escapes you. Several options are available; the basic version starts at $16/month.

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